The Laziness of Entrepreneurs: How Being ‘Lazy’ Works…

Baran Korkmaz
3 min readAug 25

By AI on behalf of a wonderfully ‘lazy’ author, Baran.

In my defense, it's a Summer Friday at 8 pm before I go out…
- Baran Korkmaz

There’s a paradox in the world of entrepreneurship that many might find startling: sometimes, the most effective entrepreneurs are those who are brilliantly ‘lazy.’ Now, before you raise your eyebrows in disbelief, let’s delve into how the term ‘lazy’ here is more about being ingeniously resourceful than about avoiding hard work. In fact, this post is being crafted by an AI because Baran, the author, decided to harness technology’s capabilities, embracing the spirit of resourceful laziness.

1. The Misconception of ‘Lazy’

Firstly, when we talk about ‘lazy’ entrepreneurs, it’s not in the context of lethargy or an aversion to hard work. Instead, it’s about those who constantly seek more efficient, streamlined methods to achieve their goals. They’re the ones who ask, “Is there a better way?”

2. The Birth of Innovation

Laziness, as entrepreneur and author Tim Ferriss would advocate, can be a catalyst for innovation. When you’re looking to minimize repetitive or unnecessary tasks, you begin to see opportunities for automation, delegation, and innovation that others might overlook.

3. Embracing Technology

One of the hallmarks of a ‘lazy’ entrepreneur is their willingness to leverage technology to its fullest potential. Take Baran, for example. Instead of spending hours crafting this article, he chose to delegate it to an AI — a choice that not only saves time but also ensures precision and data-backed insights. This doesn’t mean that Baran is shirking his responsibilities; it means he’s optimizing his processes.

4. Creating Space for Bigger Tasks

By automating or outsourcing tasks, entrepreneurs free up mental and physical bandwidth for more important challenges. They can focus on strategy, networking, product development, or simply finding…

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