Shaping the Future of Spatial Computing with Apple’s Vision Pro

Baran Korkmaz
3 min readJun 8, 2023
ARway’s early prototype featured on Sky News 2018

I created ARway’s first prototype in 2017/18 when Apple first released ARKit, fast forward to 2023 and we have the first true spatial computer…

Now ARway stands at the forefront of the global spatial computing arena, I’m thrilled to witness and be part of the revolutionary strides being made in the world of augmented reality (AR). And, there is no doubt that Apple, with its latest innovation — the Apple Vision Pro — is leading this transformative journey as the hardware play to our platform.

Embracing Apple Vision Pro: A New Era for AR

The advent of Apple’s Vision Pro has initiated a paradigm shift in the AR landscape. This pioneering device, equipped with 3D perception capabilities and real-time visual data, has ushered in an unprecedented level of immersive and interactive AR experiences.

What excites us at ARway about Vision Pro is its sophisticated fusion of advanced machine learning algorithms and state-of-the-art computer vision. This feature equips the device with an ability to not just see, but interpret the visual environment around it. Combined with Apple’s signature elegant design and user-friendly interface, Vision Pro has quickly positioned itself as a quintessential AR gadget that no technologist would want to miss out on. But more importantly, beyond the technical jargon, a wearable computer that will replace those handheld computers we all use.

ARway’s Potential: The Vision Pro Advantage

The advent of Vision Pro presents the birth of a new ARway. Our platform, which empowers users to create, share, and navigate 3D spatial maps, can transform its capabilities by harnessing the power of Vision Pro.

The integration of Vision Pro can significantly amplify the detail and accuracy of our spatial mapping, offering a refined user experience in indoor settings like…



Baran Korkmaz

Founder & CEO @ ARWAY (, building a part of the Metaverse with Spatial Computing.